Over (10) 502 licensed retail cannabis business have entered into an arrangement to sell their retail shops on the open market here the State of Washington.

Justin Costello the CEO of Seattle, WA area Investment Bank; GRN Funds, LLC is the deal’s designer and architect. Mr. Costello who has over 80 cannabis related deals in completion has stated “It’s the largest deal ever offered in cannabis on the open market. There have been a few IPO deals up in Canada that were large but this is different it offers 10 working companies. Never before in the history of the cannabis industry has a deal like this been offered with this type of infrastructure, profitability, and revenues”.

GRN Funds is offering the deal as a private bid, “you will need to inquire and be qualified as a bidder” Costello stated. It has taken over 3 months for GRN Funds and Costello to put the deal together and have it offered in to meet compliance standards within the Washington State Liquor Control Board regulations. “This has been very challenging deal to design with many complexities revolving around license and regulatory laws. In the state of Washington you can only own so many retail licenses at one time” Costello stated.

Media inquiries may be directed to Justin Costello at (425) 830-1192 or media@grnfunds.com

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