GRN Funds

GRN Funds is an investment firm established in 2014 by Justin Costello. GRN Funds provides secure banking resources for small to medium businesses and ancillaries. GRN Funds enables businesses to reach larger markets and engage an ecosystem of providers to develop and increase profitability. We proudly serve over 400 businesses across the USA. Our investment strategy focuses on our network of industry leading experts: financial advisers, development experts, growth hackers and data partners with the resources and expertise to rapidly grow our business partners. Our team includes decades of advising, mentoring and investing in multiple verticals touching markets ranging from startup technology, digital services, real estate, retail franchises, analytics and investment banking.

GRN Funds enables businesses to reach larger markets and engage an ecosystem of providers to develop competitive market advantages and increase profitability.

Private Equity

GRN Funds facilitates funds to pool money from teams of investors in order to develop capital funds and portfolio management that are then used to acquire stakes in exciting and promising companies.

Business Strategy

Your business strategy can be defined in several paragraphs or written as a set of strategic statements. It is a summary of how the company will achieve its goals, meet the expectations of its customers and sustain a competitive advantage.

Financial Analysis

Evaluating businesses, projects, and budgets to determine their performance and suitability. Typically, financial analysis is used to analyze whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid or profitable enough to warrant investment.


Planning for your financial future by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments and insurance decisions. We work closely with you to offer personalized financial advice.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is minimizing advertising and production expenses incurred while maximizing product publicity and availability to your target market in terms of breadth and frequency of exposure.

Market Planning

A marketing plan should always have a situation analysis, marketing strategy, sales forecast, and expense budget. A market analysis, a SWOT analysis, and a competitive analysis… The expense budget is a bare minimum.

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